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Admission is open to all willing applicants and placement is by assessment to determine the most suitable class for the child. For the early years, assessment is done informally while pupils seeking admission into the Pre- K Classes and above are assessed formally.


  • Pupils are considered admitted only upon completion of the admission form and fulfillment of all admission requirements including payment of fees.  Right of admission is reserved.
  • Fees are payable on or before first day of term. Other details and conditions are as in the bill advice.
  • Where a child is to be withdrawn from school, the school requires a term’s written notice in advance or a term’s full fees in default.
  • Fees are paid per term and cannot be pro-rated. Temporary absences, in -term admissions do not qualify for reduction in fees.
  • The school reserves the right to request for the withdrawal or removal of a pupil if in the opinion of the school such a child or the parents exhibits conduct or character incongruent with the ethos and rules of the school or pose a danger to the school or community safety without notice. In such a case, there will be no refund of fees paid and the school will not be liable for next terms fees.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend pupils without notice if such pupils flout the rules of the school.
  • Fees may be reviewed annually or in response to economic realities. Where this results in increase in fees, the school may give less than a terms notice in writing.
  • In the event of natural occurrences or emergencies, the school term will not be extended. However, the school will do its utmost best to cover lost grounds.
  • The school will hold itself accountable for the progress of the child within its defined objectives and with the full cooperation of the parents.