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2020/2021 Third Term Plan

Fri. 7th May
  Goal Setting Day
Tues. 18th May
  Spelling Bee Competition
Thurs. 20th May
  Declamation (Early Years/ Open Day)
Thurs. 27th May
  Children's Day Funfair
Mon. 7th - Wed 9th June
  Mid-Term Test
Tues. 15th June
  Art Exhibition Day
Sat. 19th June
  Parents Teachers Forum
Fri. 25th June
  Mental Maths Competition
Thurs 1st July
  Declamation (Grade Classes)/ Open Day
Sat 3rd July
  Cultural Day (International Day)
Wed 7th - Monday 12th July
Wed 14th July
  Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
Thurs 15th July
  Prize Giving Day (All classes)
Fri. 16th July
  School Vacates