Duke Hall School celebrates 10 years of quality service delivery    |    Duke Hall School provides free medical test as part of her corporate social responsibily (CSR).


Duke Hall School is non-partisan, non- denominational and non-discriminatory. Its foundation is rooted in core Christian values, for indeed knowledge is from God and man’s quest is to do the will of God in service. The school welcomes children of all creed and colour who strive to do their best to achieve excellence in leadership.
We believe that giving the child the right moral upbringing is the only path that can lead to greatness and make them true leaders. This is more important in today’s world as excessive liberalism has tended to blunt the demarcation between right and wrong. We also welcome the application of knowledge for the service of mankind.
The school embraces international attitude to learning, to cope with emerging realities and   focuses on developing knowledge, skills and understanding of subjects in the global perspective. Towards this, we will continually partner with global agencies and institutions to ensure that we deliver on our promises. Our curriculum for learning focuses on developing knowledge, skills and understanding of subjects set within child-friendly, cross-curricular learning themes that are both creative and challenging for children of all abilities.