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Each of the three alms (pre- school, early years and primary) have uniforms unique to them.

Dress Code

Pupils must be dressed in appropriate uniforms applicable to their classes. Parents should endeavor to ensure that the uniforms are kept in healthy state befitting of royal children at all times. Parents will be communicated as appropriate where it is observed that a child’s uniform condition is below the standard requirement. Note that the school cardigan is worn on need basis.

NA (House wear and other comfort garments)
Toddler/ Head-start  shoes/canvass
School T-Shirt on blue jeans and casual
Pre – K / kindergarten
Blue shirt/Blouse on Navy Blue School Pants/Skirts with black shoes and white stockings to match
Grade Classes 
White shirt/Blouse on School Pants/Skirts with Tie, black shoes and white stockings to match.

Females are neither allowed to use beads nor artificially colour their hair in any form (attachments, threads etc), while moderate pin ear-rings are ideal for them. Decorated  and brightly coloured nails are strictly forbidden. Long hair styles should be neatly packed into pony tail.

Boys are to wear clean hair cuts at all times with responsible patting if desired.